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Moon Water Ritual

A Full Moon is a great opportunity to create a powerful tool - Moon Water. It’s a simple ritual that can be used later to enhance just about any of your practices. You can use it to make a Crystal Elixir, as a catalyst for spell work (drink to manifest intention), healing work, clearing crystals, watering magickal herbs, just about anything you can imagine.
What you’ll need:
A sealable glass bottle - color may affect the vibration, but being glass is the most important factor (I like Italian sangria bottles because of the sealing mechanism)
Purified water - the more pure the water the better, especially if you intend on drinking it later on (I like to boil the water myself, but distilled water will do just fine)
A secluded spot outside - try the base of a tree or a shallow hole, as long as the bottle won’t be disturbed
What to do:
Create a sacred space in which you can work without being interrupted, you can light candles or follow whatever procedure you prefer. If possible, do this in the same spot you are going to leave the bottle
Get a new bottle that is just for this purpose, it should not be used for anything else. Consecrate it verbally (state the intention)
Fill the bottle with the purified water and seal it tightly
Hold the bottle in your hands and feel the vibration of the water
Cycle your energy through your heart, out your hands, and through the water - continue until you feel the water is resonating with your energetic frequency
Either verbally or mentally set your intention - something along the lines of “this water is now a tool to be used in ritual, it carries the power of the moon and will assist me in enhancing the work I do”
Be sure to express gratitude to the moon, the water, the tree (if you leave it with one), the earth, your guides, everything involved you can think of, even yourself
Leave the bottle in the safe place for as long as you like - this could be for a couple of hours, overnight, until the new moon, or even until the next full moon

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Here are some environmental interest groups you can check out/donate to.


The Ocean Conservancy:

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